Jack Blogs Too?

Jack blogs? Really?

I guess for many others, a more appropriate question is Jack writes? Really?

If your case is the latter, then you’ve got some explaining to do, because it means you’ve never followed a single link I’ve posted from Tell it Write over my various social media platforms. Some serious explaining to do. But if your case is the former, (yes, you’re off the hook), I guess what you’re gonna asking is why a blog? Aren’t those only for famous people? Or, in many cases, inconsequential people who have no one else to listen to them but themselves?

And more importantly, why now?

To answer those questions, I’ll start by saying I like to think of myself as somewhere in between those two extremes, of course more inclined to the lower end of that spectrum. But being a little more serious, I figured why not let people inside my mind, inside my world? Because I naturally don’t talk that much, a lot of my thoughts (which are GOLD, by the way) remain unsaid, and I suppose this is a way of fixing that. Also, just so everyone can have a little deeper insight into my writing projects, I saw this as the best way to say what needs to be said, without saying too much still.

So why now? Well, why not now?

I’ve decided that for a start, my blogs won’t be too frequent, because who wants to listen to my rants when I at times don’t even what to listen to them myself? Just kidding, I love listening to myself, but that’s beside the point. Too much Jack, at any rate, would be a bad thing, so I want to spare you. Just kidding again, you can never have too much of me. But again, seriously, I’m just a nerd/geek/ninja who so happens to also write, so all I want to say right now is welcome to my world.

But take your shoes off though. Seriously.


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