Jack Writes Too?

I never saw myself being a writer, it’s something that kind of just happened. What I have always had is the wildest of imaginations, and when I was in grade school, in my reports, my teachers would comment on how I seemed detached and distant, withdrawn, if you will, but that was all just my imagination running free. While some spent twelve years in a classroom, I spent twelve years traveling around the world (and beyond), all from the comfort of my desk and chair. So how did that translate to what I am doing now? That’s kind of a long story, but I’ll make it as short as possible.

I guess I can say it started with third-grade ‘creative’ writing, and my use of inverted commas would suggest it wasn’t as creative as they made us believe. Too many restrictions. But as I moved through schools, I was given a little more leeway with what I could and couldn’t write, and that’s when my mind really started to run wild. Still, I never saw it as being more than that. But, after my good friend Dineo read a travel journal that I wrote on one of my recent trips to my motherland, Zambia, and after she planted the idea in my mind to do more with my gift of imagination, I began to flirt with the idea of writing a book, and that’s when the adventure began.

So, fast forward two years, lots of coffee and a number of short stories later, I am finally working on a full length, space opera novel titled The Dark Horses. I’ve written a quarter of it already, and it has really been a great challenge for me because my aim is to write uncomplicated books that spark minds, move hearts and have relevant, underlying messages. Putting that together with pushing the boundaries of my imagination has taken a lot of creative energy. All this while pursuing a college degree in engineering hasn’t helped that much either, but I guess that’s what makes life exciting, that stuff that drives us away from a mundane, routine existence. It has been draining at times because I’ve really poured myself into this project (leaving enough me left for me, of course), and while it’s not something that’s going to revolutionize English literature, I believe it will at least change the way people look at certain things.

Someone once compared creative writing to telepathy, because with use words, we still attempt to convey pictures that we see in our minds, and create the very same images in other people’s minds. The question I ask myself, especially with this book, is ‘Will other people see what I see?’ Because that will ultimately determine the success of the project. It is a little scary jumping into the world of the arts where a monthly paycheck isn’t guaranteed, but I suppose I just have to have faith that what I have is something different, take the chance, make the most of it, and achieve greatness in the end. And of course, have lots of fun as the journey proceeds.


I won’t be revealing too many details about the book because I want it to take people by surprise, but I will reveal some details as the process carries on. It looks to highlight the flaws of human society and the world we live in, as well as a future we may – are – heading to. Don’t mean to sound ominous, but yeah. It’s not looking good for us. There is still hope, though, and so I have fabricated compelling characters that I feel will be the embodiment of this hope that we as a race can still learn from our past mistakes and look to at least try to build a future that is all-inclusive and that has promise of peace and prosperity, and not division, destruction, and hate. And if we fail, we should at least say we tried.

Okay, enough deepness for one post. The completion of the book is still a couple of months away, why with all the school reports I have to submit, but beta readers can hope to get their hands on it just in time for my birthday in March next year. Till then, I’ll have a few sneak peaks out on my blog in the coming weeks, and also, Tell it Write has a bunch of great short stories and poems from other awesome writers, including my buddy Mutinta Nanchengwa (who’s also one of my favorite writers, by the way. Just gotta shout you, girl!), so feel free to visit the site and check them out. But otherwise, this has been my first full blog post, and watch this space because there is a lot more to come. Trust me, like……..truck loads.




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