More Than Beautiful

Your freckles, your scarsAnd Don't even get me startedOn those stretchmarksYou're more than beautifulYou're perfect just the way you areThe media made it seemLike there's a standardA cut off point we're to meetBut we are the skyWe're all so very differentAnd so highly definedThere isn't a resolutionIn the entire worldThat can display our designWe are …

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With seconds rushing byAnd time running outWe've taken a few hitsBut we never stay downGentle as feathersAnd tough as wiresTempered in a furnaceAnd tried by fireWe keep coming backA few lefts & a few rightsBloodied and blueWe stay in the fightWe never give upTill the final roundBacks on the floorBut we never stay down ~

The Tower

An enigma. The most complex and simple, Delicate and durable entity Man has probably ever known. Idiosyncratic and commonplace Utopian and pragmatic Comical and humorless Finicky and nonchalant Altruistic and indifferent Forgiving and vengeful Sentimental and cynical Compassionate and callous Friend and stranger Monster and saint Who can decipher me? Who can decrypt my code? …

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